What to look out for

A handy checklist

If you've found an exotic animal you think you'd like to bring home, take this checklist of useful questions with you when you visit.

  • Have you visited the exotic pet in its current home?
  • Have you researched the exotic pet that you are interested in buying?
  • Is the exotic pet you saw in the ad definitely the one you are viewing?
  • Do they look healthy and well cared for?
  • Do you have all the equipment that you need?
  • Do you understand any specialist dietary requirements?
  • Does the animal you're looking at have any legal restrictions?
  • Does the seller have all the paperwork you need?
  • Do you have a vet that specialises in exotic pet health nearby?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, think twice before you take any exotic pet home with you. If you have any concerns about an animal's welfare, or if you think the animal you are looking at is an illegal import, report the advert to Gumtree or you can contact the RSPCA directly.