What to look out for

A handy checklist

If you've found a dog you think you'd like to bring home, take this checklist of useful questions with you when you visit.

  • Is the dog a legal breed?
  • Have you met the dog in its home?
  • Will the owner let you meet the dog twice before taking it home?
  • Have you asked where the dog comes from?
  • Do medical records show you he or she is a healthy dog?
  • Has the dog been vaccinated?
  • Has the dog been neutered?
  • Has the dog been microchipped?
  • Have they been treated for worms or other parasites?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, think twice before you take the dog home with you. If you have any concerns about animal welfare, report the advert to Gumtree or you can contact the RSPCA directly.