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Working alongside the UK’s biggest animal charities, we’ve created this space to help people looking to buy a new pet or find a home for a pet they already own. Thinking of taking that big step? We’re here to help you make the right decisions.

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  • Dogs

    Buying, selling or just starting your research? A canine companion needs love, exercise and so much more. From the moment you invite them into your home...

  • Puppies

    Puppies soon grow into adults. With the right care and attention, they can be happy, healthy and your best friend for 15 years or more...

  • Cats

    Pure or cross breed? Indoor or outdoor? Neutered? Vaccinated? There's a lot to think about when you're buying or selling a cat...

  • Kittens

    Cute, cuddly and curious, a kitten will bring their personality to any household. Make sure you have what it takes to look after one...

  • Small Furries

    Small furry pets can be a great way to teach kids how to care for animals. But remember, they're always the adult's responsibility...

  • Birds

    With their squawking, talking and tweeting, birds can become very vocal members of the family. That's perfect for some, but not for others...

  • Fish

    They may seem like they can look after themselves, but fish need lots of care. Some of that care is so specialist there are vets trained purely in fish health...

  • Exotic Pets

    It takes a special kind of person to keep an exotic pet. These animals need specific care, diet, environment and attention...

  • Horses

    Owning a horse is a huge commitment. Keeping a horse or pony is very expensive and they need expert care...

  • Finding your pet a forever home

    If you're planning to find your pet a new home via Gumtree then you'll want to find them the best home possible. You can read our rehoming guides for helpful hints and tips and be sure to follow all our advertising rules.

Our Partners

At Gumtree we take animal welfare very seriously.

We work with a number of animal welfare charities, including the RSPCA, and we are an active member of the Pets Advertising Advisory Group (PAAG). PAAG is made up of animal welfare groups, vets and online classified sites, all working together to promote responsible pet advertising. Our shared goal is that all animals advertised for sale online are advertised legally and ethically.

For more information on PAAG or advice on buying a pet online, you can visit their site:

A fresh start in life

There are thousands of wonderful animals in the UK looking for a new start. A number of charities advertise these pets on Gumtree, but you can also visit PAAG member sites directly.

Find your new best friend

Dogs Trust has 20 rehoming centres across the country with happy and healthy puppies and dogs of all shapes and sizes looking for their new homes. Why not rescue a dog today?

Visit Dogs Trust today for more information on how you can give a dog a new start.