The Inside Track

Are you looking to sell your used car? How do I prepare the car for sale and create an effective car ad? The Inside Track can help you get started. Follow the directions and journey down the Inside Track to answer all your questions.

Buying a car

Selling a car

  • Selling your used car

    Selling a car is a skill that can be learnt. Before placing your ad, read on and follow our tips to turn your used car into cash in the shortest time possible.

    Buying a car?

  • How to value your car

    Need to sell but unsure of the right asking price? There are several factors to consider when valuing your car.

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    Prepare your car for sale

    When preparing your car for sale, aim to maximise value and appeal. Your job is to attract prospective buyers to the advantages of your vehicle. Here are a few steps to get your car ready.

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    How to create an effective car ad

    Stand out of the crowd and draw buyers in. Read our guide on what to include in your ad, attract buyers attention and ultimately sell your car.

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    How to take good pictures for your ad

    Including pictures can help generate interest in your car and increase buyer response rate. You don’t need to be an expert photographer to take good photos.

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