The Inside Track

Looking to buy or sell a car? Which car is best for me and what should I look for?

Buying or selling a car can be a daunting prospect. The Inside Track can help you get started. Follow the directions and journey down the Inside Track to answer all your questions.

Buying a car

Selling a car

  • 01/05

    Work out your car budget

    Buying a car is often the one of the biggest purchases people make.

    Your budget will determine whether you can buy new or used and how much you can afford in running costs.

    Follow our 6 step checklist

  • Car Costs Calculator

    Use our simple budget planner to work out how you can afford to spend when buying a car. It takes just a few minutes.

    Click on the link below and enter the registration number or enter the model details of the car that you’re thinking of buying. It needs to be less than 5 years old for this tool.

    Calculate Costs

    Decide how to pay for your car

    Buying a car with the money you already have in the bank is cost effective and relatively straightforward. But not everyone has the luxury of having all of the funds available to buy their car outright.

    Before making the decision to either spend existing money, take out a loan, or a mix of both, here are some useful tips to avoid future financial problems.

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    When to buy a car

    Buying at different times of the year, whether it be a new or used car, can have an impact on the final purchase price. Hundreds, even thousands of pounds can be knocked off the price of buying a car. Find out here on how to choose the best time to buy a car.

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  • Driving Car
  • Did you know that 43% of Gumtree users consider the most important factor in buying a car to be the make and model.

  • 02/05

    Find and buy your next car

    With so much to choose from (make, model, age, trim, condition and price to name just a few), it can be difficult to know what you want, who to buy from and where to find the right car. Fret no more. The Inside Track is here to help. Follow the advice on the right hand side and start the search for your next car.

  • What to think about before buying a car

    Whether it be an off roader, 7 seat people carrier, small run around or a super fast sports car, when it comes to buying a car, everyone has different priorities . Follow the series of steps to find, assess and test drive the car that suits your needs.

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    Buying from private seller vs a dealer

    Some people have a preference of who to buy a used car from. Find out here the main differences between private seller vs car dealer.

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  • 03/05

    What to check before you buy your car

    Buying a car is a big purchase and it’s worth understanding what to look out for . There are several simple steps to take when checking over a used car.

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  • Buy your next car with confidence

    How do you identify if the car is previously stolen or with mileage discrepancies?

    Read our guide
    Use the HPI vehicle history check tool

    The negotiation

    Buying a car is a large financial commitment. By negotiating a reduction for the asking price, money can be saved or a few added extras can be thrown in for free.

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The Purchase

  • Car buyer’s contract

    Well done. You and the seller have successfully agreed the final purchase price for the car. So what’s next? It is now critical to obtain the correct legal paperwork.

    Download a car buyer’s contract

  • Arrange insurance

    There are several options when purchasing car insurance. Each option has a different level of cover and can affect the cost of the premium.

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