{{ fullName }} pricing and information

Average {{ fullName }} price: {{ carsData.averagePrice | currency: '£' : 0 }}

This chart shows that the average price of a used {{ fullName }} for sale over the past 90 days was {{ carsData.averagePrice | currency: '£' : 0 }}.


If you're considering buying a {{ fullName }} for your next purchase, you can use the pricing information below to which age, mileage, fuel type and colour combination works for you.


If you are looking to sell your {{ fullName }}, take a look at the average prices we see here on Gumtree to decide on the price to ask for yours!

Average price by Age

This chart shows the average asking price for a {{ fullName }} by the year of registration. Please note data displayed are totally depending on the seller input and on the model itself.

Buying a {{ fullName }}

If you are looking to buy a {{ fullName }}, you can see which years hold their value the best.

When should I sell my used {{ fullName }}

If you want to sell your car, this chart makes it easy to see what your {{ fullName }} is worth right now, and how its value might change in the years to come.

Average price by miles

This Chart shows that the average price by mileage for the {{ fullName }} based on miles of the car.

How many miles are too many on a used {{ fullName }}

This chart shows the average asking price of {{ fullName }}s based on the mileages of the car. Use this chart to see the average price for a {{ fullName }} depending on the miles driven, and decide which price and mileage combination works for you.

Number of ads by fuel type

This chart shows the number of ads for {{ fullName }}s for sale listed on Gumtree by the type of fuel they use. If you're looking to specifically find a diesel or petrol {{ fullName }}, you'll know what the availability is of each type.

Number of ads by colour

This chart shows the number of ads for {{ fullName }}s by the colour of the car. Here you can see how many {{ fullName }} cars there are in your dream colour, and get exactly the car you want!

Total number of {{ fullName }} for sale on Gumtree right now: {{ carsData.numberOfAds }}

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