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How much is a used Mazda in Wolverhampton?

Gumtree lets you pick from various second-hand Mazda cars in Wolverhampton from private sellers, ranging from anywhere between £800 and £12,695 depending on mileage and condition.

Which transmission options are available on Mazda cars in Wolverhampton?

The most common transmission option available on Mazda cars in Wolverhampton currently listed on Gumtree is manual. The average price for a manual Mazda in Wolverhampton is £6,747, while for an automatic, you can expect an average cost of around £10,000.

What are the most popular body types for Mazda cars in Wolverhampton?

The most popular body types for Mazda cars in Wolverhampton are estate, hatchback and light 4x4 utility. If you're also looking for maximum value for money, check out a hatchback for the most economical options.

What is the average mileage on a Mazda car in Wolverhampton?

On Gumtree, Mazda cars in Wolverhampton have an average of 91,705 miles on the clock. To give you a guide on pricing, you can expect to pay around £7,831 for the average Mazda in Wolverhampton on our site.

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