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Used Audi a1 quattro Vehicles Available in Cars for Sale

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Is the Audi A1 a good car?

Audi A1s are praised by many for their stylish designs, comfortable interiors and high-quality range of engines. Their good fuel efficiency means that they are well suited to any kind of city and everyday driving.

Does the Audi A1 have heated seats?

Heated seats are an optional extra on the Audi A1, so not every vehicle will have them. Check out the description in an ad or contact the seller to find out if a particular model has this feature.

What insurance group is the Audi A1 in?

The insurance group of an Audi A1 varies quite a lot depending on the exact model. For example, the 30 TFSI belongs to group 19, whereas the 40 TFSI is in group 31. Check the ad or contact the seller to find out the correct insurance group of a particular model.

Does the Audi A1 have turbo?

The Audi A1 has featured a variety of engines over the years, and all of these are either TFSI or TDI turbo engines.

How much is an Audi A1?

You can find a variety of Audi A1 cars available on Gumtree, starting from as low as £4000. The price will depend on the age, model and condition of the car.

Can I get a car delivered from Gumtree?

You may be able to arrange delivery of your new car by contacting the seller. Alternatively, search Gumtree for a used car local to you.

Are car ads from private or trade sellers?

Cars are available from both private and trade on Gumtree. Use our filters to see ads from a specific seller type.

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