Turkeys for sale

1034 days ago


I am selling my turkeys as I havent really been that interested in them this year I bought them to breed from and have had lots of eggs but been concentrating on chickens this year and they are costing me to feed them for no reason really aprt from large yummy eggs! I have one stag who is a double breasted black/bronze, currently in moult so a little tatty but a lovely fella been a bit picked on by my hens poor thing, I have 2 black hens and a bronze/ black hen. Would like £25 please each.
From a loving home I wish I could have given them more space they deserve better than the situation they are in (in a large run but with chickens). I never got round to finishing thier run. The hens are still laying.
Any questions feel free to ask.
Thanks for reading

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