Snakes and set ups for sale.

East End
1181 days ago


Parting with the very last of my reptile collection due to family life taking up all my time. These animals mean a lot to me and I want to find the best home possible for them.
Selling Female Black mexican kingsnake with 4 foot black (limited edition) vivexotic viv/heat mat/decor/thermostat. She is about 6 years old, very docile and happy to be handled. She's a lovely all round snake, pretty much fully grown and easily managed. Eating large mice every 2 weeks happily. £100 for all.
Also selling a male/female pair of Bredl's Pythons. Very sad to part with these guys. They are at least 4 years old but never brumated or bred. Both eating large rats. They are happily cohabiting and always have (split them for feeding obv) They are currently in a 4 foot black vivexotic but that needs to be upgraded to an arboreal vivarium due to this I am selling them at a bargain price £350. They will also come with heat lamp, stat, heat mat, decor - including their favourite huge branch. These are not beginner snakes, they are large (although slender) and still growing. They are both very docile and happy to be handled but please have some knowledge of larger snakes if you want to give these guys a home. Contact me if you have any questions or for pictures of the snakes/set ups. Can also deliver locally if needed.

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