Rough Collie Puppy for adoption
£60 Muswell Hill, London

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

Taylor is a three month old female puppy that is BLIND and we are looking not just a good home but a very loving one.

She was not diagnosed on time & we think now is a bit too late to put her to sleep & that she deserves a chance.Her behavior tells us that she'd rather live than die with all the limitation that this means for her.

She is already very good indoors & knows almost where everything is and moves around the house.

She is fully vaccinated & in excellent health except from her blindness.

We just ask for £ 60 contribution to help cover only a little bit of her expenses.

We would love to keep her with us but we already have two shelties & not enough space for
a rough collie.

If we find a real animal lover that wishes to look after her we would have to visit this persons home to be satisfied that is the right home for her & also a contract of adoption would need to be signed.

Given the circumstances please spare us the time wasters.

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