Rescue Rabbits
St Helens

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Hi I run a Rabbit rescue from my own home, I also have people who help in different city's of the country who take in rabbits along side me.
If you need to re-home your rabbit for what ever reason please get in touch with me. The process of taking in the rabbit, will be to signing a paper which shows proof that you have handed the rabbit over to us. You will also need to fill a form out of details about the Rabbit.

Rabbits are health checked and then put up for re-home,
House checks are being worked on.
And all new rabbit owners will have to fill forms out before they take their current rabbit home.

Your rabbit will be in good hands! All rabbits are cleaned out every 2 days, and are fed / watered twice Daily. .with plenty of Hay to munch on!

If for any reason there is no current space with us to take in your rabbit, we will discuss this with you.

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