Non-Profit Dog/Cat Groomer ALL CLIPS FOR UNDER £20

1141 days ago


Dog Groomer working for Takarai Animal Services

20 years experiance, done from home.

Special prices for people in need. THIS MUST BE PROVEN!
Animal Welfare is our top priority.

Prices from £5-£20 unless dog is serverly matted or unkept as it will take longer.

Most clips done by me can been seen. Plus resident standard poodle in Lion Clip.

All profits will be donated to Takarai Animal Rescue.

Please check out their other services here....

Our website is run by our volunteers. We will respond within one day. If you are unable to reach us by phone PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE AND WE WILL CALL YOU BACK within; 1 working day.

Help us, help an animal today!

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