Morning dog walker NW6, NW2, NW3 7pounds x hour

North London
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Hi! I'm Santi from Barcelona, I walk dogs around West Hampstead and Kilburn at middays and I'm around NW3 at mornings I'm a bit busy at middays but I'm almost free at mornings, so if you can't walk your dog or you don't feel like walking him/her I could do it for you.

The fees are 7pounds x hour 5 days a week
8pounds x hour 4 days a week
9pounds x hour 1-3 days a week

At middays I charge 9pounds x hour 5 days a week
10pounds x hour1-4 days a week

My experience:
2005-2008 Member of the Dog rescue Unit in Osona, (Catalonia)
2006 Attended the First K-9 International Rescue Conference in Tarragona (Catalonia)
2007 Attended the Second International Rescue Unit Conference in Braga (Portugal)
2008-2009 Completed the Bocalan Asistance Dog Training Course
May 2008 Click to Calm Seminar led by Karen Pryor and Emma Parsons
July 2008 Calming Signals Seminar led by Nicolas Planterose
July 2008 Dog Trainer Course led by Jaime Vidal (
July 2009 Canine Instinct Seminar led by bluenitdogs
February 2010 Puppy Seminar focusing on care between the period of being newborn to 4 months, led by Nicolas Planterose
June 2010 Seminar on canine aggression led by Takoda (
2008-2009: Training of dogs with simple obedience and behavioural problems (Catalonia)
2011 onwards: Dog walker (London)

If you are interested I can send my C.V and references.
also you can visit

Kind regards

Santi Font

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