Missing MALE cat Rochdale infirmary area

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Hi, I am advertising for a friend, she has just recently moved house to the Hamer ares in Rochdale, she lived near the Rochdale infirmary, her cat is 7 month old he's white with a black splodge on his head, he also has hair dye on the side of his face (she dyed her hair and he jumped on her head)

He hasnt been neautrerd, microchipped and doesnt have a collar, he is from a loving family and is missed very much, she would be gratefull if someone returned him safe and sound, PLEASE if somebody is looking after him PLEASE, PLEASE contact me and I will pass the info on, even if you have any infomation please contact me. Hes been missing for a week now!

Thank you everyone and if you live in Rochdale please keep an eye out and repost this on Facebook, Twitter or anything else. Thank you

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