Marine Aquarium Tank Shutdown - Final Clearance - Fish, Coral, Inverts

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OK - Most things have now sold, but there are still a few lovely LPS and other bits and pieces available. I am selling the LPS at around half their current value, so get a bargain !! These are rare corals, and difficult to find in Northern Ireland. I have found them very easy too look after.


Maroon Clown Fish £15


x2 Turbo Snails £3 each
Small red/yellow feather duster £10
Larger Brown/White feather duster £8
Small Maxi Mini anenome on a large piece of live rock £20


Tachyphylia (Folded brain LPS) - Beautiful Red/light blue - £50
Tachyphylia (Folded brain LPS) - Green/Brown - £45
x3 Lord Corals Colonies (Acanthastrea) - Bright orange/violet or Red/Blue - £50 each
Few small frags of Zoas various colours £8 each
Colony of yellow polyps £12
Single large rainbow mushroom on rock with small frag of bright green xenia/two very small brown and tourquoise mushrooms. £12
Purple Flower Goniopora colony £15

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