Male Rottweiler- £20 ONLY to a good home

1168 days ago


This is a full-bred, 3-year-old, male rottweiler, who has had all injections as a pup but no papers can be found to go with him. House trained dog but has lived outside on his own kennel all his life.

He is very loyal to his owners but may not get on well with other dogs. Please keep this in mind. He is a very strong dog and would only be suitable for an experienced dog owner who is capable of walking him.

Unfortunately, due to moving to a smaller house, we cannot keep him no longer as he requires a lot of space to run about. A house out of the city with lots of open space for him would be ideal and only fair to him and we want to see him go to a good home only.

Experience necessary for this dog. He needs a lot of dedication and patience.

Ad ID: 97012492