LOST Little Black and Tan Miniature Pinscher Dog

1144 days ago


Harry is a much loved part of our family. He is a Tiny miniature pinscher(looks like a doberman but smaller than a chihuahua) and has massive ears!

He is 3 years old and we have had him since he was 6 weeks old. he is neutered and microchipped and has a little crook in his tail where he broke it as a pup.

he went missing on thursday evening in hills avenue,sydenham. he must have slipped out the front door as we came in.

We are all devasted, our children are walking round the house staring at his pictures, we wont stop until we find him.

We are praying that someone has taken him in out of this harsh weather as hes an indoor dog, and that he will be returned safely to us.

If anyone has any idea of his whereabouts, please please please get in touch either by email or by contactingthe below numbers;


Thankyou so much for reading this.

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