Lost cat around Montgomery St/ Hillside/ London Road
Hillside, Edinburgh

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We haven't seen our cat Leo since 27/03. This is very unusual as he hasn't been back for food.

He usually uses back gardens behind Wellington Street but we are certain he has got out of the shared gardens and is lost. Please check stairwells and gardens in this area- Montgomery street and anywhere surrounding it, e.g. Hillside, Abbeyhill, London Road, Easter Road.

Leo is black with big yellow eyes, lean and long build, no collar but he is micro chipped. He is only 2 and his sister is looking for him and very distressed. He may be shy and stressed but is usually very savvy when out, so are worried he may be injured somewhere or hiding away scared.

Please contact 07535684826 or 07535686518 if seen or found. Thank you very much!!

If he is in your house somewhere getting fed, please contact us as he is much missed already.

As he is micro chipped, if h is taken to Braids Vets on Leith Walk, or Seafield Cat and dog home, they would be able to identify him and contact us.

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