Hannah's Canine Whispering Service

1135 days ago


My name is Hannah, I call myself a canine whisperer because I do not train dogs. I simply help them to become balanced and calm, thus fixing problems such as hyperactivity, pulling on the lead, not coming back when called, aggression towards other dogs and people, and the list goes on.

I learnt my skills through years of observation, living in a house full of dogs growing up. My mother was a Bernese Mountain Dog breeder/ petsitter, meaning that the house was always filled with dogs. Through watching their behaviour and interactions, everytime we brought a new puppy home or a new dog came to stay, as well as watching the pack whilst on walks, I have gained a wealth of canine behaviour knowledge. I am renowned for being able to achieve balance with each dog that I work with.

I want to help you and your dog. Please, give me a call or drop me an email.


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