Hamster sitting

1187 days ago


Going away on holiday anytime soon?
Want someone to look after your hamster whilst your away?
Or someone to help tame your hamster perhaps?
Then look no further!
I will look after your hamster while your on holiday for only 50p a night!
- Get fed when needed
- Given a fresh supply of water when they need a top up.
- Cleaned twice a week
- And cuddled daily
I also offer a hamster taming service!
If your hamster hates being held, leave him/her in my care for 2 weeks.
I will help tame your hamster for you, for only £10!
- They will be fed when needed
- Given fresh water
- Cleaned out twice a week
- Held and cuddled daily
Whilst taming, you are more than welcome to come and visit your hamster!
If a hamster ball is provided, your hamster will go play in it daily, so they will get lots of exercise!
If you are interested please contact me by sending me a email

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