Greyhound free to a good home

1160 days ago


Missi is a wonderful, friendly, happy and healthy greyhound looking for new owners though no fault of her own.

My Greyhound bitch Missi is almost six years old. I have had her three years after getting her from a rescue centre. She is a lovely girl and always ready with an excited wag when I walk in from work but I can not give her the life she deserves due to changes in my own circumstances.

I am looking for a dog loving family or couple who can be sure they can love her as she will love them. Who can give her the attention that I can no longer provide. I love her and will only give her up to a family or couple I trust will give her a better life than the one she has at the moment. Please note Missi is a pet and not a hunting dog.

Missi is a greyhound and although she is good with my cat she will chase cats outside given the opportunity as is the norm for her bread. I keep her on the lead when walking her for her own safety. She has Never been agressive to other dogs and loves a free run on a secure beach or field.

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