For sale amazon parrot with cage
Swinton, Manchester

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Hi I am selling my Amazon parrot complete with his cage, he has a very large cage, with swing etc, I have only had him a week as my children bought him me as a surprise birthday present, however the previous owner failed to mention that he doesn't like men, and he isn't very good with children, I have managed to bond really well with him, he is brilliant with me and i am very sorry to see him go would recommend he goes to a lady owner as like i said he doesn't really like men, boys etc, In my view i think he has previously been mis-treated by men. I have tried to get hold of the previous owner but had no response so unfortunately this is now my only option, i am looking for a brilliant home for him as like i said with me he has a lovely temperament, previous owner only mentioned to my daughters that he was a bit dominant over his cage however in the week i have had him he is letting me put my hand in his cage and starting to step on my hand, i think in time and with the right owner he could be tamed brilliantly just needs the right home. He is not yet speaking but trys to say 'hello' and does telephone noise very clearly. I just can't keep him as he is really viscous towards my husband and grandsons. I am not asking for any profit i just want the money back what my daughters paid which is £300.

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