Dog walker, seaside walks, country side etc skegness

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Hi I'm Daniel Im male 29 and I offer a dog walking service
I'm a big lover of dogs and always have been, and also enjoy walking
Iam very friendly person and trusting
I currently Have a 2 year old staffordshire bull terrier, which i have trained for walking with and without the lead appropriately, and also trained her not to be interested in other dogs

My usual service offers

My name, address
I understand that people need to feel secure with someone walking there beloved pets and i can get written references at request

A pick up service at your own door, a good walk up to the beach on the lead, and within time as the dog gets used to me, a walk and run off the lead , and also learning to be off the lead with other dogs around, then brought back to your door
You would expect at times for your dog to be a little dirty after this walk
I can offer to clean and dry them for free using your facilites

Dog Walking - Includes 50 minutes walk, play, £ 6.50 per walk
Dog Walking - Includes 25 minutes walk, play, £3.50 per walk
(More than 1 dog ? its £1.50 per extra dog per walk

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