Dog Walker S20 area friendly and reliable :) And Pet Sitting

1016 days ago


hi i am a school leaver looking to one earn a bit of extra money and two gain even more expirience with dogs. i am already currently walking 2 jack russell's for a lady, and she has been very happy with the service, i can get a referance from her if wanted. my charge rates are cheap, as i am not insured or CRB checked, i charge £10 a week for 1 walk for half an hour a day or £20 a week for an hours walk in one or half an hour twice a day, i am available any day and any time, i have handled many different breeds, i own a large lurcher, but i have handled labradors, jack russells, great danes, greyhounds, border collies and i have handled up to three dogs at once with no struggle. if you have any more questions or would be interested in me walking your dog for you and you would like to meet me, please feel free to get in touch by phone or e-mail at any time. I have now also just been given another job walking a rotweiler for a lady, i am also offering pet sitting, and more to add, i have now ben given another job pet sitting for someone who works away, who has a king charles spaniel, as i figured i love animals and it would be a great way to earn a bit of extra money for summer, so if you are away for a couple of days on holiday and need someone to look after your dog, rabbit, cat, hamster, lizard, whatever the animal, i would love to help out, for pet sitting it would be £5 a day, which is very cheap, i can live in or out, its entirley up to you :) Thanks laura

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