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891 days ago


I have a selection of coloureds for sale.. bought as a bulk to handle but having 7 at once is proving way to much. so all sold for sale as projects, all have headcollars on, and will come up to you, most will eat out of your hand, and the yearling comes to call.
I have the yearling 'Woody' to make 15'3 he is VERY chunky boy. he comes up for a look, eats out of hand and comes to call. £150

lloyd is a 6month old black to make 14hh - has Tonka and lottery bloodline. hes £200

Guinness is 6 month ol, coloured, prettiest one if you want a show type.. he will make 15'2

Ben - 6 month old coloured to make 14hh, sweet boy will come up for a nose.

MAY SELL!! Domino - to make 14'3 coloured 6month old, very sweet i know this boy will make an amazing family horse when older. he is very sweet and 1st one up, very brave.

Also have a raising 2year old WPCS Grey sec a colt for sale, needs more handling but he comes to call you can catch him easy, very sweet. let you put rug on him (tho he dont keep them on long) hes £50 or for cost of gelding (£100 +drugs) you can have him for free.,, but MUST be gelded if free.

I am totally honest with everything i say, i did not breed these beautiful boys, and wont be giving them to any old person! I am open to offers all are £150ono unless stated different on advert, i am open to offers p/x or swaps. MUST go to people who know what their doing, will be an amazing winter projects.

PLEASE NOTE horses are in Cardigan!! West wales... and will need to be transported. i can supply number but own transport would be ideal

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