Border collie x springer spaniel and a lab x golden retriever
£200 Leicester

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These are my 2 dogs who I really don't want to re home as I love them soooo much but I have 2 babies and just do not have time to take them out on walks or interact with them as much as I use to :( I'm telling myself they need a better life and this is the only thing that's really making me so this as they do deserve more time spent on them and enjoy the fields for running. I am not selling them to make money I am selling because they are worth more than to go to someone to get involved in dog fighting!!!! I would like to keep in touch with the person who has my doggies and see pictures of them. This upsets me so much just writing this :(..

The border collie x springer spaniel is nearly 4 years old in November
And then golden retriever x lab is nearly 3 years old in October
Need to go together as they are really close like brothers :)
They have both been castrated and had there yearly booster in march 2013.

They both love being around children and playing with them

Any questions please ask

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