Blue Merl Jackahuahua Puppies
Donna Nook, Louth,

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These beautifull pups are ready from 12 weeks, ( mum is still letting them feed!) 11 weeks today, march Fri 9th March. From a Minature Jack Russel Girl (1in taller than a house brick, like her mum) & a Small (a little bit smaller than her) Blue Merl Chihuahua boy. They are both smooth coated parrents. 1 boy is spoken for, but there are 2 girls and 1 boy left. The boy, a blue and buff merl) been told though that they are actualy Silver Merls. 1 girl a dark Chocolate Tri-colour) has brown eyes, her ears stand up. She is prety much, paper trained, and Small. She takes more from the Chi side, has small feet, and more of a domed head. (There are no runts in this litter) The 2nd girl nearly all white, has a buff merl patch, over part of 1 ear, and nearly half her face on one side, she has 1 blue, and 1 brown eye. has a very small buff mark on her other cheek, and half her nose is black, and pink. Her quite large ears stand up allready!
These pups are fully wormed, and almost weened. They are frontlined, and come with a puppy pack. This includes a frontline pack, and there next worming tablet, and all the usual satuff! They have had thair first injections, and the vet was very pleases with them. It waas either Mr Cook, or Mr Timpson, not sure which one though. They are part of Cook & Timpson, of Louth, Lincs, If you want the vets opinion. I will have them injected again next week, They are all Happy, and very healthy puppies, born in a family inviroment that love to play, and have lots of cuddles, and will melt your heart. Paper training on the rest, is going very well, and they have all started to go outside. Beautiful, friendly temperaments, well socialised, with people, and other animals, Not affaid of the hoover, and have been getting used to going in the car, They are £350. each.
Photos on request to your email addy

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