Bentleys Boarders *Fully Insured*

552 days ago


Hi our names are Marlene and David. We live with our St Bernards in a South Norfolk village.

Sadly, our first Saint Bernard Bentley passed away recently but he lives on in our name “Bentleys Boarders” We chose his name on the way to collect him as a puppy - I spotted the Bentley Garage coming off the motorway and thought how apt a name it was for such a magnificent boy!

We have always looked after our friend’s dogs of all shapes, ages and sizes. So, after some thought decided we would like to open our home to dogs needing time away from their own home for whatever reason.

We know how worried we were when we had to go away and leave our dogs even though they didnt have to go into kennels - so we wanted to create a home from home that would allow you to feel that your dog is part of our family with peace of mind to know that they enjoyed their stay with us.

We would suggest that you always visit with your dog first, we introduce everyone slowly while we have a chat and usually they end up playing and happy ready for their stay!!

Our dogs are all very gentle and tolerant of other dogs and enjoy having "Guests" in their home!

We are fully insured with "Petplan Sanctury".

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