Bearded dragon and set up
£65 Weston-super-Mare

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

(updated 23rd January) Exo terra vivarium 92cm wide, 47cm deep, 56 cm high heat rock, heat lamp, complete setup includes Bearded dragon, good condition collection from weston super mare.

the viv contains
1 dragon (I think she is about 5 but can't guarantee this due to her having a previous owner)
2 a heat lamp
3 an Exo terra heat mat (looks like a large rock)
4 an Exo terra water bowl
5 food dish
6 piece of vivarium wood
7 some small rocks
8 wood on slate ornament
9 rocky effect back wall ( she climbs this so it looks old)
10 sand substrate

There is also an Exo terra sand sieve for removing dirt and over half a bag of sand ( enough to clean out the viv)

We are in the worle area of w-s-m


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