aquaone ar620 90 litre fish tank marine setup all you need.

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Description: Hi there,
i am selling my aquaone ar620, due to sticking with malawis and havent really got the time for a marine tank.
i bought the tank brand new, and has never been used. all i have done is painted the back of the glass blue as a background.
i have bought all the stuff needed, wish i could set it up but work long hours and not at home alot, so has to go.
i have bought all the equipment over time as i was having intentions of setting a marine tank up.

this is what you will get

1. aquaone ar620
tank open top, as i have no lid as i was going to put a hanging light on it, never go time to do so.
2. Newatt marine heater
3. marrine buffer for water
4. smd marine 48 led buld which i paid £35.00 for never used.
5. kent 300 skimmer silent
6. brand new 10kg tub of salt not opened cost me £30.00
7. 2x ph testing kits box and one big case
8. hydrometer
9. 10kg+ of tiny gravel
10. marine white spot treatment
11.stick on glass funnel for feeding live food plankton frozen food etc
12. power head
13. air pump
14. air rocks
15. sea weed clip
16. red algea treatment big bottle
17.various other water treatments etc
and lots more bits and pieces.
all you will need is water rock and fish, and reasonable ammount of time to look after the fish.
no original stand or lid as said in description as was going to use a hanging light.
you can have the stand in the picture if wanted too, its 2 weeks old.
the 48 led smd marine bulb is included new.
ive spent around £380 all in all. and havent even set it up.
offers around £150 and its yours.
sad to see it go, but really havent got time.

call or text kay on 07939060095

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