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We have two beautiful hand tame Alexandrine parrots for sale, the birds are just under a year old so at the minute it is not possible to determine sex but we were sold them as a male and female although they are not a breeding pair they hatched from the same clutch of eggs. Both birds are sociable, hand tame(though would benefit from daily contact and handling) healthy and well adjusted, they are quite a quiet bird, compared to our other parrots. We are looking for good homes for them together or separated although they have been living with six other parrots in the home with ample space since we adopted them so if taken individually they need to go to an experienced keeper who will have the time needed to spend with them. These birds can live for up to forty years and require a certain level of care, please do not consider a parrot if you haven't researched the breed or the care required. :)
We are looking for a new home as we have six parrots and it is really too many to handle at this time, the Alexadrines were the last birds we bought so we feel more able to part with them they are also quite young and would respond well to a new owner unlike our other birds. :)
Please NO BREEDERS, there are enough birds being bred at the minute. They could live in an outdoor aviary or in the home but will need a very good size cage and ample space to fly and explore each day, we had them housed in a a 9ft by 15ft room where their cage was always open, we know this won't be available for most people but please bear in mind what the birds are used to. Parrots are very social, loving and kind creatures, very sensitive to your emotions and a wonderful pet to have but require lots of time and care. They are very gentle and inquisitive birds. There is a certain level of expense involved in their care, seed, fresh fruit, vitamins, toys, vet bills etc. please consider this before you inquire.
£250 per bird or £450 for both. With emphasis on good home. Thanks. Please phone 07745602312. Mark.

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