4ft tropical setup £100 ono for quick sale must go asap

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i have a 4ft fish tank i am selling as i want to downsize a bit.the tank come with a heater filter airpump and bubble curtain, there is also about 10 guppies 2 kissing gourami 4 mollies 3 angels 2 wee frogs i may have missed a few and a few ornaments and shells and rocks. i am looking for 100 for it.

it is 4 ft x 1 ft x 17" has a pine effect hood and base no stand.the hinges on the hood have came loose but could easily be fixed.i just recently spent £50 on the kissers angels a catfish i cant remember the name of and mollies so most the fish are young and healthy..there is a few ornaments and shells and rocks plants hides ect. there is no light as i have borowed one from a friend when my one broke i am looking for 100 for quick sale ono.
sorry no pics at the moment

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