2 black kittens needing exstra special care

1139 days ago


i have two black kittens free to a loving home they are brothers at 10 months old. i would prefer you not to have because i got them of a friend of a friends friend and she wasnt feeding them enough a wouldnt say starving them but now whenever they see food the eat it (they stole my naibours loaf of bread as he let them in) they are lovely wee things caring if it wasnt for the food snatching they would be perfect you cant put there food down to them if there in the same room or you will be attacted for it its ashame and im hoping the right person is there to set them out i dont have the time anymore as i have just started a new job i am doing my best but think the right persom is out there.

they are both litter trained and have just started going out to

many thanks for taking the time to read my add

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