1 year old female bearded dragon for sale
£160 Blackpool

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

Beautiful dragon with friendly and placid nature, very healthy with great appetite. She comes in a 4ft long walnut vivarium in great condition and everything in it - two bowls, branches, large rock and reptile carpet. Included are spare heat bulbs, a spare reptile carpet for easy cleaning, calcium dust and a book on how to keep beardies. She also comes with her own Dubia Roach colony and everything they need. This will need restocking with a small amount of adults but once you do you wont need to buy live food for her. She loves Dubias and they are easy to feed as they don't fly, climb or bite. They come with heat mat, thermometer, food and water gel and some long tweezers for handling. Very genuine reason for rehoming. Collection only as I don't drive. Price is a guide, open to sensible offers.

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