Work From Home - The Most Amazing Referral Rewards Program On The Planet

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The most amazing referral rewards program on the Planet! The Players Lottery ™ is due to lanch in March/April 2012.

Right NOW, we are looking for seriously minded people to promote this Brand New Lottery game. How would YOU like to be part of something VERY BIG and be in right at the beginning?

If you are an affiliate promoting other e-gaming products or you feel you would like to get involved, or want to start your own Syndicate, Work or Office Club it's totally FREE to register to be part of The Players Lottery! YES - You could be earning a good part time or even full time income by Sharing The Wealth plan of The Players Lottery with your friends, associates and contacts direct or via Social Media.

The Players Lottery is a new and unique lottery product offering the Best Odds on the Planet to win -- by far. Our odds to win €10,000,000 start at 1 in 300,000 and only get better from there. Compare that to the ludicrous odds of 1 in 116,000,000 to win the EuroMillions jackpot or even UK Lotto at odds of almost 14,000,000 to 1. There is no comparison.

This is the Lottery your customers, friends and families will want to play!

Benefits to your customers and competitive advantages over existing lotteries:

We offer a far better chance to actually win! When your customers see the difference in odds as compared to those of the "state-run" competition, it is hard to find a rational reason to choose any other Lottery.

The Players Lottery Affiliate Program offers:

€10,000,000 Jackpot -- winner EVERY draw. Main Jackpot does not carry-over.

Prizes are paid in single lump sum with no taxes deducted.

When you want to, you or your customers can play for as little as €5 Euro

Group Play! Improve their odds to win -- all the way down to 1 in 1,500 odds to win €10,000,000!

Community forums, blogs, news and videos keep it all interesting, social and fun.

Imagine earning a second income that has:

- Huge Global World Market
- €100,000 paid to you should ANYONE in your group,
club or network win the jackpot draw of €10M - EVER!
- Monthly residual income of 3% to 5% on ALL 5 Tiers
- No stock to buy
- Flexible hours working from home or anywhere
- State of the Art in site Auto Admin tracking
- No experience needed
- Free training and support
- A focus on fun!

Don't pass on this GROUND FLOOR opportunity to reap some, many or all of these possible rewards. If our "state run" lotteries were offering ALL of this today - we'd all be fighting tooth and nail to register!

Take a look now - Click the orange button above or C&P this Link:

There [using the gold chevrons] you will find a sneak preview of the Site and Program's huge potential.

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