Wanted: Fun People for Fun Job - 16 to 24K Interview Tomorrow!!!
Hoxton, London

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Great! So you’ve clicked on this ad and I bet you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true right? Wrong...

Here at UrbanLeaf our teams are filled with extremely hard-working, passionate and dedicated people - fundraising full-time for Save The Children, face-to-face on the streets of London and other lovely towns nearby.

We believe in happy fundraisers because happy fundraisers make for happy donors so we don’t believe in working on commission. This means that every fundraiser works for a basic salary of £16-£24k!! (that's the equivalent of £9/hr - guaranteed!).

But what we do believe in is working hard and playing hard, because we’re such a small company we’re a little like a family (minus the embarrassing uncle/aunt who seems determined to show your naked baby photos at every opportunity…) And so to keep our family happy we celebrate a hard weeks work every Friday with food and drinks at the office, as well as free head massages, regular socials and not to mention those all-important 4 weeks paid holiday every year plus bank holidays!

It takes a lot of confidence and a natural sparkle to be good at this job; but the experiences you can gain and outcomes that can achieve are amazing.
Meeting people and chatting is the essence of what I do, and it’s really important to be able to take rejection, because a lot of people will tell you “No” and it’s about being able to overcome that – and turn that “No” into a “Yes”!
Talking to strangers can be daunting, so bucket loads of natural charm and charisma is a must.

No experience is necessary, just a natural talent for being great! Amazing training is provided for this full-time job and there is a starting salary of £16k. There are even opportunities to earn more if you’re really good. And that’s exactly what we want you to be!

Because there is an opportunity to travel outside of London I would say you need to live in or around London, just to keep life easy for yourself!

So, in a nutshell, my team are looking for fun, passionate, sparkly people to join us for a really fun and rewarding job. Call me now on 020 3292 0440 and you could join us as soon as next Monday!

You'll need a password when you call us and yours is King Kong!!!

Thanks for reading this - I hope to meet you soon :)

Good Luck!


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