Hoxton, London

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How would you like to raise valuable funds for Save the Children on the streets of London - making a huge difference to the lives of children all over the world?

Unfortunately we at UrbanLeaf are not doctors who can save lives, nor are we politicians who can make decisions to change lives - however there's one thing we're pretty bloomin' marvellous at and that's FUNDRAISING!

By raising money every day we can give a voice to those fighting for the rights of children by lobbying governments to take action, put vaccinations in the hands of doctors, pay for the training of antenatal workers and provide lifesaving solutions for malnourished children . As long as there are problems there will always be kind hearted people in the UK willing to donate some of their money - and that’s where YOU can help!

We don't believe in setting targets for our fundraisers nor do we believe in paying them based on the number of donors they sign up in any way because we trust our fundraisers to always work to the best of their ability. And to prove it we pay all of our fundraisers a basic salary of £16-£24k!! (that's the equivalent of £9/hr - guaranteed!)

What we do believe in is working hard and playing hard! Because we’re such a small company we’re a little like a family (minus the embarrassing uncle/aunt who seems determined to show your naked baby photos at every opportunity…) And so to keep our family happy we celebrate a hard weeks work every Friday with food and drinks at the office, as well as free head massages, regular socials and not to mention those all-important 4 weeks paid holiday every year plus bank holidays!

You don't need any experience just a natural talent for talking to people and the ability to use your passion for charity to inspire members of the public to make small regular donations to Save the Children which will make a huge permanent difference to the lives of the children they help.

If this sounds like your perfect job and you can’t believe you've ever worked anywhere else then give Hattie a call asap on 020 3292 0440 and you could start work with us as early as next Monday!

You'll need a password when you call and yours is Charlie Brown, looking forward to speaking to you!

Good Luck!

Hattie x

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