Student or Graduate Web-Developer Needed
City of London

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New Arts Magazine forms a small team of professional and young people interested to work in publishing industry. We are looking for students and recent graduates to launch a really unusual art magazine.

As the first step we need to create a website which will be supportive for the magazine. Priority is to build a very interactive base on the web for future readers feedback and most important management of the editorial process. It should have account system - so people can log in, edit and upload material; facebook integration. Simple administrative tools for editors and other members of the team. There is a draft idea of how it all should look like and work and it will be explained to the right motivated person in details.

The website would need maintenance and improvement as project would grow. The position would require to look after a website occasionally.

It's part-time and unpaid position before project really kicks off, but the magazine is aimed to make profit and financial aspect would be discussed on the interview.

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