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UK SALES & TRAINING DIRECTOR REQUIRED. If you are serious about wanting to achieve something really worthwhile, if you would like to play a key role in making a great philanthropic enterprise with a great mission happen, then this is for you. This is a rare chance to join a potentially high-level start-up operation as the Sales & Training Director of a new three-person Board.

You will not need any previous experience or qualifications for this position. However, this is not for the faint-hearted and you will need to be a real ‘go-getter’ with a strong sense of urgency to get results, and a leader from the front with what we define as a Bulldozer Mentality—the drive to plough through, over, round or under any obstacles until we reach our objectives.


The Proprietor has created a plan which has as its mission the raising of money for good causes. He has created a revolutionary way to do this that should result in very serious amounts being raised. To create his plan, the proprietor studied every business model to find the most successful for this purpose, and the only one that both fulfils the parameters of the plan and is capable of achieving the high targets aimed for is the network marketing concept.

The Proprietor realises that some potential applicants will have concerns about the bad press surrounding network marketing. However, while some operations undoubtedly deserve to be condemned, other network marketing companies such as Avon Cosmetics, Kleeneze, Forever Living Products (FLP), Cabouchon and others equally well-established are well thought of, and have fine international reputations. This is an operation that will be in the same league as these great companies.


The proprietor has taken the plan to the stage where a Board is now needed to take it on, implement it, push it forward to launch and thereafter to become a major player initially in the UK and, once the model is proved here, internationally. As the Proprietor has other business ambitions, the Board will be totally responsible for all aspects of the business. The Proprietor will, however, devote full-time to this business and work very closely with the members of the Board for as long as is necessary, until it feels ready to carry on on its own.

The immediate need is for a three-person Board of Directors consisting of:
—An International Managing Director (see separate job post)
—A UK Sales & Training Director
—An International IT Director (see separate job post).

The plan that is being handed over to the Board has a host of exciting and revolutionary features that undoubtedly has the potential to take the business well to the forefront of the industry.

It is almost ready to launch. The Board members will of course want their own input into the plan but, subject to that, the business should be up and running within three months of the recruitment of the three Board members.


The plan requires no further funding, investment or borrowings either to launch or to expand nationally and internationally.


The members of the Board will have an exceptional income formula that will excite anyone with real ambition. Although the plan has immense potential, the Proprietor recognises that, from now onwards, how much success it actually achieves will depend entirely on the Board’s own efforts. He has decided that the rewards should reflect that and therefore proposes that each Board member should have exactly the same profit-share as he himself will receive, and that is a 25% profit-share in the business, thus making each Board member, for all intents and purposes, a partner in the enterprise. In business terms this is a truly exceptional proposal, but it of course means that each Board member will be expected to put in all the commitment that a full partner would.

Each Board member will draw their 25% profit-share monthly and it will be exactly the same as that drawn by the Proprietor. Because of the way in which network marketing works, early and fast-accelerating month-by-month income is possible and has been achieved time and again by many companies.

Full details will be discussed at interview.


1. Location. Although it will be easier for you if you are based in the South, South West or West, to applicants who have the necessary attitude for this position, distance will not be a problem. Once the head office is established, whether you can remain working from home will depend on whether you are able to carry on your job function as effectively from there as from the office, and that will obviously be a matter for discussion between you and the rest of the Board.
2. Ability to travel. To begin with, you will need to undertake considerable travel throughout the UK by car (trains do not give enough flexibility), including overnight stays. As the business grows, your need to travel will reduce but will still be significant, with possibly occasional international trips
3. Very willing to learn. Many aspects of the plan—if not all of it—will be new to you. And the industry with its type of management is also likely to be something you have not come across before
4. A corporate attitude and good corporate team player, with a good analytic and problem-solving mind
5. A high work-rate
6. A good leader and motivator. Top network marketing distributors, the people you will have most to do with, can be strong personalities with big egos, and difficult to manage. You will also need to be comfortable as a public speaker, willing to run trainings and seminars on stage.


STAGE 1. Until the network has its own momentum, the Managing Director will share with you the responsibility for:
1. Sourcing and recruiting the first distributors (or ‘Associates’)
2. Training the first Associates
3. Assisting the first Associates in recruiting and training their teams
4. Training group leaders in how to lead, train and motivate their groups.

(The proprietor will train and assist you in the above 4 areas).

STAGE 2. Once momentum is reached, you will assume full responsibility for the network:
1. Properly managing the network and with overall responsibility for training and motivation
2. Ensuring that group leaders are properly managing, training and motivating their groups
3. Working closely with group leaders and the Board to ensure that Associates are receiving the highest quality company support possible
4. Assisting when requested with the networks or sales & training directors of other countries.

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