Sales, Marketing and Telemarketing

648 days ago


I focus on servicing the needs of clients and simply deliver to their requirements and exceed expectations.

I manage every aspect of sales from simple processes such as lead generation and appointment making to telesales campaigns and order/sales generation. I pride myself on a consistent approach that simply ensures profitability for your company, whilst outsourcing the element of your business that you may not have the expertise or personnel to focus correctly on.

I work to fixed daily rates ensuring an immediate return is achieved, no matter what the sector. Profit is secured for your business for short term work or a longer term projects and quite simply my clients will tell you that I deliver and their businesses are generating new streams of income and moving forward at a faster rate than before.

If like many of my clients were at the time they contacted me, you need a new lease of life injecting into your business through one of the above functions, simply email to begin discussing how I can help.

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