Richmond Mother Help needed
Richmond, London

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HI! My name is Marta. I am from Spain and I have been living in Richmond for the past 14 years. My husband is from Norway. We have 2 kids, one girl 3, and one boy 9. We have had a very nice person for the last three years who is now looking for a change of direction. Every person we have had has stayed with us for years and we were always sorry to see them leaving. Now we are looking forward to welcome a new person into our lives!
We need a person that helps us with all the house chores and the kids.
Hours will be from 3 to 7, 4 days per week. One of the days will be staying until 10 or 11 and saturdays between 2 and 9 or 10.
The person will not be needed during the half term holidays and Eastern holidays. It will help if you live around this area because, as you will have to come nearly every day, it will make it harder for you.
We will pay 8 pounds per hour and 1000 thousand pounds as a bonus per year, paid in 4 times along the year.
Summer holidays will be part of a different package that will be offered to that person, if interested. Because is a summer place with significant less amount off cleaning, ironing, cooking etc as we eat a lot outside, we will be offering 200 pounds per week per 5 days of being around helping with kids and house chores and 2 days off. Travel expenses, food, drinks...will be covered. If the person doesnt want to come is not a problem as we can find that help over there.
Please get in touch if you might be interested.

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