Random stone cavity wall sales rep's and solid wall reps

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We've finally managed to nail down funding for "Random Stone and solid walls for the solid it has to be electric only ON SOLID WALLS that is a must and no gas line in the household on solid wall we will pay £300 per survey on SpG' and ATP . On Radom stone
cavity's not only the SPG's but FREE ATP's too!

The following criteria is what we are looking for on ALL properties to be filled using Isothane:

~Random Stone built Mid Terrace Property's
~Cavity depth of 22-50mm
~Meterage No more than 50m2
~FREE ATP & SPG funding available
~High standard of paperwork (No blagg deals!)

In return we're offering:

~Pay 3 weeks after survey is received
~Install completed within 2 weeks
~For Random stone cav's £70 (per survey)
~For Random stone cav's WITH EPC £120. *we don't target our surveyors as we expect quality over quantity. call ross 07412647718

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