Qualified creative Graphic Designer searching for perfect job

North West
950 days ago


Honours Degree Graphic Design graduate. Determined, capable, career - driven creative individual. Looking for a new adventure in the Design world. Years of experience in Graphic design, including 8 years working in the two biggest English language newspapers in the Algarve, beginning in journalism, following on to creating adverts, paging 70% of the newspaper, trying every aspect of a busy weekly newspaper, alongside studying for Honours Degree. Am currently living in the Algarve, but looking to move to London on search for the perfect job for me.

Bilingual (Portuguese and English) highly motivated, am able to apply myself to any tasks given in any area, I am passionate about all aspects of design and adore seeing the results work for specific needs.
Conscientious, capable of dealing with customers on any level. Love sorting out tricky design problems, perfectionist.
I have learnt through work , many skills, how to deal with customers, to be able to listen to what the customer wants and needs, in a tactful way, my love of design stems from work related issues,and it developed in me a thirst for more knowledge, including understanding more about all aspects of design,because of this is i returned to College to do an Honours degree course in Design and Communications.
To sum me up

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