PS2 Emulation Debug Engineer - £40,000 - £50,000

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877 days ago


PS2 Emulation Debug Engineer

Candidate will be responsible for diagnosing the causes of compatibility or performance issues on PS2 titles running under emulation on PS3, and for fixing issues in emulator or in the original PS2 title.

Will diagnose issues such as slowdown or bugs on PS2 games, where original source code may not be available. This will include the use of debugging tools, logging, and analyzing of assembler code. Will develop fixes for the titles, and/or document the results of diagnosis for other team members to work on.

Required Skills:
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
Proficient in C/C++ programming, and experienced working with assembly code (3+ years)
PS2 platform experience: Have worked on one or more PS2 titles.
Some familiarity with MIPS assembler.
Knowledge of PS2 subsystems such as IOP, VU, VIF. (2+ years)
Good ability to communicate results from debugging, verbally and in writing.

Preferred Skills:
PS3 development experience: Worked on one or more PS3 titles.
Experience developing under Linux/Unix environment.
Experience developing on multiple PS2 subsystems.
Interest in video games and/or emulators.

Role to be based in either London or Liverpool - this is to be confirmed.

salary £40,000- 50,000

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