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Team Rubber and Delib are looking for a Developer

We have a decent environment (in Bristol) in which to write software. It’s not perfect; it’s a bit busy, but we care and say thanks, and the people are ok and I reckon that counts for a lot. We also have version control and testing and decent chairs and lunch, a lack of fear and no pissy politics.

Not in Bristol? We can work with you remotely. We have irc, and a ticketing system and version control, and we’re used to working with people around the world (we have staff in multiple locations; some of us also contribute to open source projects). We can also overlap time zones (within reason), but you’ll have to provide your own chair and lunch.

Good developers and programmers get stuff done without needing ‘a year’s experience of this’ or ‘three year’s experience of that’. Typically we work well with people who’ve got a computer science degree and have been coding since at least their early teens. YMMV. We prefer people who can write.

This is a contract or part-time scenario; we’re not looking to hire full-time-permanent for this work right now (but stuff changes).

£20000 - £30000 per year
Person specification
We need to get some web app and operations stuff done, here’s the outline:
- we generally use extensible hypertext markup language and cascading stylesheets There may be other ways to do it, but we’ve found these ones are pretty good and not too much hassle. We’re also using some javascript, which seems to suck less these days.

- we generally use python. Generally python doesn’t suck. That’s something. We use it to try and make apps that don’t suck, for business reasons that don’t suck. We use other stuff too.

- there are some database things to do. Sometimes in various flavours of SQL.

- we have lots of devops things, including deployment automation, for servers around the world; sysadmin and shell scripting ftw.

- we’ll like you more if you can combine programming and UI/UX; we try to avoid silos, I prefer working with people who can solve an interesting computational problem and put together a good GUI to hide the computation from the humans. Being a photoshop guru is not essential though.

There’s a bunch of things to get done right now. They’re usually interesting. There’ll probably be some more things to do after that. Stick around until you’re bored of us.



(This is a reprise of something I wrote in 2008 which worked then. So I’m shamelessly repurposing it. Not all contexts demand originality).

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