Can You Help?

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We are a start up company with a very unique idea that is almost ready to go to market. However we need some help to file a patent and help/advice with sales and marketing for a very simple product/service. Inrespect of the patent we have a draft and drawings.

Additionally we need the input of pherhaps a sales/marketing professional.

If you feel you can help us and would like to get involved in a unique long-term opportunity please get in touch. Like many start ups we have a great idea on a very tight budget. However if you feel that your knowledge, skills and time and feel it is worth investing in your future then we may be what you are looking for and you may be what we are looking for. We do not want ot make any false promisses however we know we have a great idea/concept that will grow, thus if you can help us we may all benefit.

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