Party Plan Consultants Needed in the North West for Award Winning Company!

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1182 days ago


We all have pre-conceptions of party plan opportunities - a group of people clustered round glasses of warm chardonnay, being given the hard sell...

Award winning Best in Glass is a bit different!

Consultants host parties in clients own homes based around wine tasting and cocktail making, selling delicious, yet affordable, boutique wines sourced from small vineyards, utilising a huge range of highly desirable home bar products that are also available for guests to browse and buy.

So be the envy of your friends and earn an excellent income holding sociable evenings which everyone will want to get an invite to!

As an independent consultant you can earn approx £200-£800 a month depending on what you need your income to be. Help us build the North West regional team and you can earn well in excess of £1000 a month.

This really is a great opportunity to work with a lovely group of ladies and men who are enjoying earning a good income in the best way possible.... enjoying a glass of wine!

Become a Best in Glass consultant today!

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