Part Time Job

1135 days ago


Im 17 years old and Am looking for part time work, its so hard to find a well paid job while you are at college. I am currently working for £3.68 a hour and its not enough to do anything. I love working and can do anything I put my mind to but will employers give me the time of day? nope either because of my age or because of my college hours. what they dont realise is that I finish college at the end of june begining of july and that i will be looking to work full time, I have a car and am taking my test in 2 weeks from today but with where im working now i cant afford to run it without leaving myself short. I have worked since i was 14 and have done numerous jobs that I have enjoyed from animal care, paperrounds to sales assisants and even worked in mcdonalds. i like to learn new things and work as part of a team and work on my own but because employers want someone who already knows what there doing they wont give me the time of day because they dont want to train me. My little rant is now over, and if your around my age and feel the same as me then thankyou, and if your not and understand where im coming from then also thank you to you for taking the time to read this.

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