Need secretary/organiser for new comp',minimum wage,low hours,could be big-get in now.

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1189 days ago


Hi, as I'm very busy ill be brief.

Ive run a tech service company,

we do: repairs, teaching, websites, videos, music, sales, remote access and some more, second hand reseller

We want to: do charity work (lessons for the elderly), we want to expand, make more money and work hard.

We need: someone to at first help with the paper work and organization, we have things to do but not enough people to do them. With your help we want to simply make more income. If you find an interest in what we do past being a secretary and you become good at it you will be in charge of that department.

Meaning if you start as a secretary, and you like teaching, or selling on ebay, that can be yours to handle with your own employee.

Please ring me for more information, i don't want CV's sent to me please, anyone who sends a CV i can already tell you don't take care in your choices.

Take care

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